Shock collar for small dogs

Does your dog get out of control at times? Is your Dog very ferocious? Does it keep barking all the time and you’ve started to develop issues with neighbours?  There are many training techniques to solve all these issues for you. Yes they do work but Shock Collar does the same job at quick time with ease. We will further discuss about it below.



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What is Shock Collar?

The shock collar was first used in 1960’s to train the hunting dogs. A very high voltage of current used to be given to those dogs. But now they have made things easier and safer by giving an option to set the amount of shock. The shock collars are being used very often by rescue department, dog competition trainers and police departments to train their dogs. Shock collar are safe as in most of them the shock can be characterized in voltage terms. Most of the shock collars are rechargeable and water resistant. The range of the shock collar differs with the model it ranges somewhere between 300-500 yards.

How does Shock Collar Work?

The working of a Shock Collar is very simple. The shock collars are designed with most basic form of learning known as Operant conditioning. Operant Conditioning involves giving particular instruction through any action continuously so that the dogs understand what has to be done when. This can even be termed as positive punishment or positive reinforcement. Where positive punishment is given to control the bad behaviour of the dog and positive reinforcement involves adding stimulus for any behaviour that you want the dog to continue.

The shock collar contains two electrodes which are in contact with the dog’s neck continuously when the shock collar is attached to the neck. When ever the shock is given those electrodes apply very mild current through them and it will stop any unwanted behaviour of the dog. Application of this shock might only make the dog feel a bit uncomfortable but not intense pain when given in limited amount. Most of these models come with an option to set the intensity and duration of the shock.

If you don’t know how to train your dog and don’t know how to use it, below is the video to guide in the best way! Checkout this lil video and tell you how much informative it is.

Pros and Cons of Shock collar for small dog?

As in every other device there are pros and cons of Shock collars too. We will discuss them briefly.


  • Price: The cost of these shock collars aren’t very high as the mechanism involved in the manufacture of the shock collars is very simple and discussed above.
  • Ability to change intensity and duration: The ability to change the intensity and duration of the shock collar is surely an added advantage as it allows us to set only limited amount of voltage that doesn’t harm or cause pain to the dog.
  • Automatic Settings: The automatic shock collars come with an extra feature of being able to control the behaviour of the dog even when you’re not present in the surroundings.
  • Easy to train: With Shock Collars it is very easy to train your dogs for any behaviour or action compared to physical training.


  • Increase in aggression: In few cases if very high voltage of shock is given may lead to increase in the aggression.
  • Fear: If the dog doesn’t get used to this device it might develop fear. We will discuss further about this below on how to not let the dog develop this fear for the shock collar.


How to use a Shock Collar for Dogs

This includes several steps and I would suggest you to follow one by one.

  • Step 1: Buy the best shock collar suited for your dog and need accordingly among the below mentioned products.
  • Step 2: Read the User Manual thoroughly as it is very important to know about how to change the shock intensity for that device and more information regarding it.
  • Step 3:  Attach the shock collar to your dog. Wait for a week before you start actually implementing it on the dog so that it won’t develop any fear against the device as we discussed above in the cons.
  • Step 4: Start with mild shock. After 1 week at first start with very mild shock so that it gets used to it and doesn’t create much pain to the dog.
  • Step 5: Start with basic commands. Its always better to start with basic commands like sit and stand which most of the dogs understand easily.
  • Step 6: Start implementing the shock collar for restricting the dog’s behaviour. Do not increase the intensity if it fails to change the behaviour at first, let the dog get used to the shock collar and understand it’s commands. Increasing the intensity will only make things worse by making it more aggressive.
  • Step 7: Control Bad Behaviour. Once the dog gets used to shock collar and understands most of the commands then you can start controlling the bad behaviour of the dog with shock collar.